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Living in Southern Village Chapel Hill

Posted by admin on May 4, 2016
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I’m not sure I can pinpoint the thing I loved most about living in Southern Village Chapel Hill NC. Where would I start? We moved here when they were in kindergarten and second grade, and didn’t know anyone in the neighborhood. That changed at the first block party, when we met multiple families with elementary-aged children who gave us a warm welcome.

Drive your kids to play dates? Not when you are living in Southern Village Chapel Hill NC! The homes are close together and most are occupied by multiple humans under three feet. They play together in the neighborhood parks, playgrounds, backyards and in the street. Friends to play with were  plentiful for our boys, which made life much easier for us. We parents sat on the front porches, catching up on the news and keeping an eye on the kids.


Our youngest son was able to indulge his sense of adventure, exploring the woods and creeks that meander through Southern Village. He and his friends would get lost in this natural world, far from concrete and censuring eyes for hours at a time. I credit much of his love of nature to this special time of his life, when he could let his imagination and feet run wild and free.

When our older son hit early teens, he loved walking up to Market St with friends to grab a slice at Pazzo’s Pizza and watch an outdoor movie on The Green. DSC_0053

We trusted him to be out on his own at an early age, knowing he was still within the embrace of the Village families also enjoying an evening on Market St.

School days are a parade of bikes, scooters and walkers starting and ending the school day at Scroggs Elementary. Chatting with other parents at pick up each day increased the bond between us, cementing the sense of community found in this special neighborhood. Both our sons had teachers and mentors at Scroggs Elementary who truly cared about them, making a big impact on their lives in far reaching ways.

Snow doesn’t come often in Chapel Hill, but when it does the town shuts down. In Southern Village, everyone knows that Highgrove Dr. will become a de facto sledding hill, and families along that stretch will open their doors and serve steaming cups of hot chocolate. Snowmen line the streets, while families group together with impromptu pot lucks.

Summer time is pool time, where children and adults keep the summer heat at bay by enjoying a refreshing swim. The Southern Village Swim and Racquet Club is hub of activity in the summer and winter, Children who barely swim can join the Stingray Swim Team, each summer having fun and becoming stronger & stronger swimmers. living in Southern Village

Tennis, basketball and soccer fields kept our family actively playing together and enjoying life. We used to joke that living in Southern Village was like living a vacation.

So maybe that’s it: my favorite thing about living in Southern Village Chapel Hill NC was the opportunity it gave us to play together as a family and with friends. And fortunately for us, even though they are off on their own now, we still find time to play together.

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